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The 79.5 acre SRG Club grounds is home to multiple facilities and ranges. No matter what your interest, you're bound to find something you'll enjoy and hopefully will try something new.


All facilities operate thanks to the volunteers of the individual committees. Please visit the Committee Chairmen Contact page if you have any questions, comments, or would like to help.

Main Clubhouse


The main clubhouse is the heart of the club. This is where all of our meetings, meals, and several events are held. The lower level of the clubhouse is the location of the indoor pistol range, and the main level features a commercial kitchen, large event hall, and a screened-in back porch.​


The indoor range will be closed when scheduled events are happening in the clubhouse, so please remember to check the calendar before coming to shoot inside.


Indoor Pistol Range


The indoor range is located on the lower level of the main clubhouse. There are seven stations with a shooting distance of 50 feet. All pistols up to .45 ACP (except magnum and hunting rounds) and rim-fire rifles are allowed on the range.


Access to the indoor range via the main clubhouse is by an electronic card system. Before use of the range, shooters should read and be familiar with the Indoor Range Use Requirements, which can be found here.


The Pistol Committee holds events monthly on either the indoor or outdoor range. Please check the calendar for upcoming shoots.


Outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range


The outdoor range was rebuilt in 2008 with 21 foot berms and a "no-blue-sky" baffle system. The range offers shooting stations at 50 feet, 50 yards, and 100 yards. Additional targets were recently added for 22 and 33 feet. Please note that no steel-core ammo is allowed on the range.


Access to the outdoor range is by an electronic card system. Before access to or use of the range can be granted, shooters must agree to and sign the Outdoor Range Rules, which can be found here.


The Rifle Committee holds monthly events on the Outdoor Range. Please check the calendar for upcoming shoots.


Archery Range


The Archery Range is located near the main clubhouse. There are markers at every ten yards up to 40 yards and a platform located at 25 yards to simulate hunting from a tree-stand. There is also a woods-walk course winding throughout the club property with 15 target stands at varying distances. These targets are supplemented with around twenty 3D-targets for the scheduled 3-D shoots held multiple times a year.


The Archery Committee holds other events throughout the year including a William Tell shoot, Bow-Hunters' League, and Field Day Balloon Shoot. Please check the calendar for the upcoming schedule.


Trout Pond


The trout pond was constructed on the property in 1967 thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous member. Multiple times a year, the pond is stocked with trout, and occasionally with bass and horned pout.

The pond is host of the annual kids' and adult fishing derbies, as well as several cookouts and fires throughout the year.


It's a great place to relax and cast a line or two at the end of a long work day. Catch the golden trout and gain bragging rights for years to come!


Trap & Skeet Fields


The "Top of the Hill" has made the perfect location for two trap fields, one skeet field, and one combination trap/skeet field. The trap and skeet fields are open year-round for members and guests from 12-3 PM every Sunday. The fields are also open from 6-9 PM Thursday evenings from May through September. Please see the club calendar for any changes.


Come on up to the Top of the Hill and bring a friend!


Primitive Camp

The primitive camp site is located back in the woods at the top of the hill, and is the host of camp-outs multiple times a year. During these camps, one evening is designated as "steak night". These evenings provide members and guests a great opportunity to learn about the ways of the American Mountainmen of yesteryear. Also, as the name would suggest, there is no shortage of steaks cooked over the fire, smoked ribs, and an abundance of other great snacks.


Check the calendar for primitive camp dates and the Events page for upcoming steak nights.


Sporting Clays


The sporting clays course is set in the woods at the top of the hill and offers an additional challenge for those interested in shotgun sports. The 50-shot course within 4 fields was overhauled in 2014 and improvements continue with member support.


Unlike the trap and skeet fields, lead shot is allowed, although you need to bring your own.


There are events scheduled roughly every 6 weeks starting at 10:30 am.  The fields, shot combinations, and locations will vary to keep things interesting and challenging for our "frequent flyers" on the course.  You can check out the field layouts here.


For planning purposes, we ask that you RSVP to these events via If space permits, walk-ins are accommodated.

Ham Shack
Ham Radio

People from all over the world talk to the Amateur Radio operators of our club. Using the club callsign W1SRG, other radio operators are able to easily look up our club and admire our facilities. It also doesn't hurt our cause that this also show-cases firearms!

The Ham Shack was built from wood milled on our property from a design by Ray Pillie. Construction of the shack was accomplished solely by club members.

Morse Code and Single Sideband are the two most common modes of communication used by our operators. For more information, contact the ham committee at

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